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  •  Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: If my child is sick and the office is closed, how can I reach a physician?

  • A: We are always available to help by calling (813) 488-4100 and a doctor will return your call as soon as possible. We do not use third-party companies to return calls, the doctor will return the call himself.

  • Q: How soon does my baby need to be seen after my baby is born?

  • A: We recommend that you call us as soon as the baby is born and that we see the baby within 2 days from when the baby is discharged from the hospital.

  • Q: Is there a chance that my newborn baby will be exposed to contagious diseases during office visits?

  • A: We have separate sick and well waiting rooms so your baby will not be exposed to sick patients and we take extensive precautionary measures and sanitation to prevent the spread of any contagious illnesses.

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